Aldi is bringing back its popular $90 massage gun knock-off

By Katherine Scott|

Yesterday Aldi unveiled its new fitness-geared Special Buys range, but one item in particular has caught the eye of savvy shoppers.

The German supermarket chain's fan-favourite massage gun will be making its triumphant return in the August 15 Special Buys sale, bearing a striking resemblance to the market's leading model, Theragun — however, at a tenth of the price, that's where the similarities end.

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Aldi massage gun
Aldi massage gun (Aldi)

The Aldi version retails for just $89.99, compared to the Theragun's $899 high-end price tag.

The dupe massage gun can be held like a power drill, and offers a form of percussive massage therapy via a powerful high torque motor with three massage intensities. It also comes with five attachment heads, to target muscle pain and tightness.

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Therabody PRO smart massage gun
The Therabody PRO smart massage gun retails in Australia for around $899. (Therabody)

When the cheaper knock-off went on sale in January of this year, the item was quickly dubbed "budget Theragun" by eagle-eyed fans, whipping bargain hunters into a frenzy.

Other sought-after items making a comeback at this month's fitness-themed Special Buys include a boxing tower and bag for $199, a spin bike for $199 and compression tights from just $14.99.

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Aldi fitness sale: boxing bag, bike, tights
The August fitness-themed Special Buys include a boxing station for $199, a spin bike for $199 and compression tights from $14.99. (Aldi)

The Theragun launched in Australia earlier this year, then rebranded to Therabody. The industry pioneer's Fourth Generation smart massage guns have honed their focus on smart technology and a quieter motor.

A number of high-profile celebrities and athletes are fans of the device, including model Miranda Kerr, reality stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, actor Mark Wahlberg and legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

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