How to choose the perfect sports bra for you

By Kristine Tarbert |

If you have breasts and regularly do exercise then making sure you wear the right sports bra is almost as important (if not as important) as having the right shoes.

In fact, it could be considered one of the most vital pieces of exercise equipment you can have in your kit for a variety reasons – from comfort, sweat reduction, and injury risk.

So how do you work out what kind of bra you need, and what characteristics are the most important.

To help, Kate Minin, Triumph Lingerie's bra fitting specialist, shared some of her top tips with 9Honey Coach.

Matching the right bra to the right workout is important. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Match the bra to the workout

The first step is to ask yourself, "how much support do I need?".

Thankfully, there are plenty of options which provide optimal support without compromising comfort to help elevate your workouts. Sports bras are usually divided into low, medium and high impact.

Low and Medium Impact:

Low Impact and medium impact sports bras are perfect for activities with less movement such as weightlifting, cycling, and walking.

Plus, with the continued popularity of wearing athleisure wear, many of these stylish bras can take you effortlessly and comfortably from the office, to the gym, to socialising with friends.

High Impact: 

For those who need that extra support look no further than investing in a high impact sports bra. High impact bras are ideal for intensive activities such as running, HIIT and basketball, sports where you want to "feel the burn".

Triumph cloud sports bra
The Triaction Cardio Cloud Padded Bra provides breathability and support. (Supplied)

What you should look for in a good sports bra

On any sports bra checklist you are destined to see support and comfort at the top of the list. But this can look different for every woman.

Knowing what's out there can help tick off your boxes and find exactly what you need. 


Seamless sports bras provide excellent levels of compression and can hold the breasts tightly to your chest. This is a great choice for those searching for a minimising effect.

Adjustable cross straps

For that extra support, having the ability to change straps to a cross design can help the girls feel more secure and take the strain off your shoulders.

Contour design

Contour cups conform to the natural shape and help lift and support the bust. The separated cups minimise back fat and spillage making it a favourite for those who are after a stylish multi-duty sports bra. The exclusive Cloud spacer cup technology used in the Triaction Cardio Cloud Padded Bra provides breathability and lightness optimising comfort. 

Moisture management fabric

The good, the bad and the ugly. Sweat is definite when you are engaging in high intensity workouts and choosing a bra that has this in mind can be a game changer when it comes to working out. This type of fabric provides extreme absorption whilst maintaining body temperature.

Moisture management fabric provides extreme absorption whilst maintaining body temperature. (Getty)

Underwire vs wire-free

Many rely on underwire for their primary support in sports bras, and although many with a bigger bust prefer this type of support the advancement of fabric technology has meant many wire-free bras are achieving this same level of support.

Still needing help to find the right sports bra for you? Visit Triumph's bra size calculator to help find the best sports bra fit for you or the style selector quiz for the perfect bra for your choice of exercise.

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