'People make fun of me': One meal Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin loves more than anything

By Kristine Tarbert |

As a global Peloton cycling and strength instructor, Tunde Oyeneyin could be leading as many as four to five classes a day.

And even when she's not in studio training millions of people around the world, she's busy with commitments as a Nike Athlete, a motivational speaker, and a New York Times Bestselling author.

To give us an insight into how she fuels her body, Oyeneyin shared her typical day on a plate with 9Honey Coach.

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Tunde Oyeneyin peloton trainer author
Tunde Oyeneyin is a global Peloton cycling and strength instructor. (Supplied)


First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is have two cups of water, warm water or room temperature, with lemon. Just to start my engine and get my body ready.

I like to get in a good fat in the morning, like an almond butter. Something that's going to make me feel full, maybe a banana, smoothies, or eggs or oats. Oats are always really wonderful in the morning. Just focus on protein and good fats.


Usually I would say lunch is my biggest meal of the day. But if I know I have a class to teach, let's say at four or five o'clock, then I'll have a lighter lunch.

People make fun of me because I really enjoy salads. Like, I really love a good salad. But I also consider myself one of the world's greatest salad makers. I pretty much chop up a bunch of vegetables – almost like this mental challenge that I open my refrigerator and ask, 'What can you make with the ingredients you have in your refrigerator?'

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Tunde Oyeneyin peloton instructor
She loves making a good salad for lunch with ingredients she has at home. (Instagram)

And I just usually chop everything up or throw it in a bowl, add some protein. If you cut me open avocado would spill out of my body, I love avocado so much. I'll add some olive oil, lemon salt, pepper on anything.

So I love a really, really, really yummy, delicious salad, because it's not just your regular salad. It's got, like, all the things.

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I usually do shrimp or chicken with maybe a smart carb like a sweet potato, or quinoa, or some brown rice. Or if my salad was really good, then I just have the leftover salad!


I usually have nuts in my bag, whether that's almonds or cashews, just a variety of nuts. And then I usually like a protein shake. Just making sure that if I'm in commute, I can just have something in my bag.

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Tunde Oyeneyin
Sometimes she can be teaching up to five classes a day. (Instagram)


I would probably say anything that has ice cream on it. So if that's a cookie with ice cream or brownie with an ice cream or cake with an ice cream, throw ice cream on there and I'm with it.

Anything before or after a Peloton class

Accelerator is a an energy drink in the US – I don't know if you have it here – but that's something I have right before class. And I have a protein shake right after my workouts.

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